Top 10 Lost Treasures of the World

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We Know That They Exist, But They Are Somewhere Couldn’t Be Found. They Are Treasures That Are Buried Somewhere, Napping Under The Water Or In Another Mysterious Place Waiting For A Lucky Finder. But Maybe It Likes To The Lost Car Keys. Man Searches It And Searches In Vain, Until One Day He Founds It By Chance. As There Are Lost Treasures, There Are Countless References. But Where Exactly They Are Located, Remains As A Mystery. 

In This List You Can Find Out About Ten Valuable Treasures, Which So Far Considered As Lost And Could Make You Very Rich. 

10. Irish Crown Jewels

Irish Crown Jewels (Source:Google)

The Jewels Belonging To The Most Illustrious Order Of Saint Patrick, Commonly Called The Irish Crown Jewels Or State Jewels Of Ireland, Were The Heavily Jeweled Star And Badge Regalia Created In 1831 For The Sovereign And Grand Master Of The Order Of St. Patrick, An Order Of Knighthood Established In 1783 By George Iii As King Of Ireland To Be An Irish Equivalent Of The English Order Of The Garter And The Scottish Order Of The Thistle. The British Monarch Was The Sovereign Of The Order, As Monarch Of Ireland Until 1801 And Of The United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Ireland Thereafter. The Lord Lieutenant Of Ireland Was The Grand Master In The Absence Of The Sovereign. The Insignia Were Worn By The Sovereign At The Investiture Of New Knights As Members Of The Order, And By The Grand Master On Other Formal Ceremonial Occasions. They Were Stolen From Dublin Castle In 1907 Along With The Collars Of Five Knights Of The Order. The Theft Has Never Been Solved And The Jewels Have Never Been Recovered. 

The Crown Jewels Have An Estimated Value Of Between Three And Five Billion Pounds. 

9. Amber Room

Amber Room (Source:Google)

The Amber Room Was A Chamber Decorated In Amber Panels Backed With Gold Leaf And Mirrors, Located In The Catherine Palace Of Tsarskoye Selo “Czar’s Village.” Near Saint Petersburg. In 1716, Frederick William I Of Prussia Gave The Amber Room To Peter The Great Of Russia. A Gesture To Seal Prussia And Russia’s Alliance Against Sweden. In 1942, Nazi Germany Looted The Treasure From Leningrad During Operation Barbarossa. They Had It For A Few Years And Then It Disappeared. 

In 1979, The Soviet Government Ordered A Replica Of The Room. Twenty-four Years Later And At A Cost Of $11 Million (£8.4 Million), Partly Funded By The Germans, It Was Finally Completed And Installed In The Catherine Palace Once Again. The Original Has Been Replaced But Not Forgotten, Many Still Believe The Hunt For The World’s Greatest Lost Treasure Is Far From Over. 

Sometimes Considered The Eight Wonder Of The World, The Amber Room Is Valued At Over $500 Million Dollars As Of 2016. 

8. Lake Toplitz Nazi Treasure

Lake Toplitz Nazi Treasure (Source:Google)

Lake Toplitz Is A Lake Situated In A Dense Mountain Forest High Up In The Austrian Alps, 98 Km (61 Mi) From Salzburg In Western Austria. In 1943 And 1944, The Shore Of Lake Toplitz Served As A Nazi Naval Testing Station. 

The Locals Took Them To The Lake And Saw Them Dump Heavy Boxes Into The Water. The Nazis Presumably Filled The Boxes With More Than 100 Million Dollars Worth Of Counterfeit Pound Sterling Notes. It Would Seem That Someone Could Easily Find Boxes In A Lake. However, The Bottom Half Of The Lake Does Not Contain Oxygen. There Is A Layer Of Logs Floating Just Above That Level, Making It Very Difficult, And Dangerous, For Divers To Search For The Treasure. 

Legend Has It That The Nazis Dumped Billions Of Dollars Worth Of Stolen Gold—in The Area Of $5.6 Billion—into The Waters Of Lake Toplitz, An Isolated Lake Located In The Heart Of A Lush Forest In The Alps. 

7. Tomb Of Genghis Khan 

Tomb of Genghis Khan (Source:Google)

The Location Of The Tomb Of Genghis Khan (Died August 18, 1227) Has Been The Object Of Much Speculation And Research. The Site Remains Undiscovered. Genghis Khan Asked To Be Buried Without Markings Or Any Sign. After He Died, His Body Was Returned To Mongolia And Presumably To His Birthplace In The Khentii Aimag, Where Many Assume He Is Buried Somewhere Close To The Onon River. So Its Location Would Remain Secret. Though It Is Uncertain, Researchers Believe That There Are Significant Riches In His Tomb. 

Many Believe Genghis Khan’s Tomb Will Be Filled With Similar Treasures Gathered From Across The Mongol Empire. It’s One Reason Foreign Interest Remains Strong. When The Emperor Was Finally Laid To Rest, His Soldiers Rode 1,000 Horses Over His Grave To Destroy Any Remaining Trace. In The 800 Years Since Genghis Khan’s Death, No-one Has Found His Tomb. Legend Has It That Genghis Khan Was Buried In The Khentii Mountains.  

6. Flor De La Mar 

Flor De La Mar (Source:Google)

Flor De La Mar (Flower Of The Sea) Was A Portuguese Carrack Of 400 Tons, Which Over Nine Years Participated In Decisive Events In The Indian Ocean Until Her Sinking In November 1511. Nobleman Afonso De Albuquerque Was Returning From The Conquest Of Malacca, Bringing With Him A Large Treasure Trove For The Portuguese King, When The Ship Was Lost Off The Coast Of Sumatra. A Replica Of Flor Do Mar Is Housed In The Maritime Museum In Malacca, Malaysia. 

Most Sunken Treasures Sound A Bit Like A Legend, But This Is The Real Deal. The Treasure Aboard The Flor De La Mar Is Well Documented. The Ship And Its Cargo Are Still Missing.  

Today’s Value Of The Sunken Treasure Is $2.9 Billion Dollars. 

5. Imperial Faberge Eggs

Imperial Faberge Eggs (Source:Google)

A Faberge Egg Is A Jewelled Egg Created By The House Of Faberge, In Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire. Possibly As Many As Sixty-nine Were Created, Of Which Fifty-seven Survive Today. Virtually All Were Manufactured Under The Supervision Of Peter Carl Faberge Between 1885 And 1917, The Most Famous Being The Fifty-two “Imperial” Eggs, Forty-six Of Which Survive, Made For The Russian Tsars Alexander Iii And Nicholas Ii As Easter Gifts For Their Wives And Mothers. 

Some Imperial Faberge Eggs Sell For Around 9 Million Dollars. A Lost Faberge Egg Would Likely Draw More. In 2014, The Egg Was Sold In A London Auction To British Antique Dealer Wartski On Behalf Of An Unidentified Collector. That Means Just One Of These Missing Eggs Could Make A Person Very Rich. 

The Dealer Didn’t Reveal The Amount It Paid, But Some Estimates Valued The Egg As High As $33 Million, Making It The Most Expensive Faberge Egg Ever Traded On The Private Market.

4. Romanov Jewels

Romanov Jewels (Source:Google)

The Romanovs Were The Last Royal Family Of The Russian Empire. They Were Overthrown During The Russian Civil War And Eventually Murdered, Right Down To Their Young Son Alexei. Most Of Their Were Taken, Cataloged And Secured, Some Never To Be Seen Again. However, The Romanovs Tried Desperately To Hide Their Valuables Up Until The Day Of Their Executions. They Definitely Succeeded In Hiding A Great Deal Of Them As Evidenced By Some Of Them Turning Up After The Fact. No One Knows Where They Hid The Rest Of Their Wealth. 

The Crown Jewels Were Either To Be Sold, Or Pledged For A Loan. The Gems Were Estimated To Be Worth $500 Million. 

3. King John’s Jewels

King John’s Jewels (Source:Google)

Somewhere Near Here In 1216, ‘Bad King John’ – A Monarch So Incompetent And Evil That His Name Is Still Preserved In Folklore, Films And Nursery Rhymes – Was Running From His Enemies. When His Army Tried To Cross The Mudscapes Of The Tidal Estuary That Britons Call The Wash, Rising Waters Caught His Baggage Train. The Wagons And Their Contents, Including The King’s Treasure, Were Lost.  

The Treasure Contains Crown Jewels, Silver Plates, Gold Goblets, The Sword Of Tristram, Golden Wand With A Dove And Many, Many Gold Coins. The Lost Treasure And Jewels Have Never Been Seen Again. 

The Estimated Value Of The Treasure Is $70,000,000.

2. Lost Dutchman Mine

Lost Dutchman Mine (Source:Google)

According To Legend, The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine Is A Rich Gold Mine Hidden In The Southwestern United States. The Location Is Generally Believed To Be In The Superstition Mountains, Near Apache Junction, East Of Phoenix, Arizona. There Have Been Many Stories About How To Find The Mine, And Each Year People Search For The Mine. Some Have Died On The Search. 

The Mine Involved Is Usually Of A High-value Commodity Such As Gold, Silver Or Diamonds. The Mine Is Discovered And Worked By A Recluse Who Refuses To Divulge The Location, And Dies Without Revealing The Location.  

In The Years After The Massacre, The Legend Around The Lost Dutchman Mine Grew, Attracting Treasure-seekers Who Hoped To Find The Cache (Perhaps Worth About $200 Million According To One Estimate). However, Despite Several Men Claiming To Have Found The Mine, No One Ever Came Forward With The Gold. 

The Estimated Value Of The Treasure Is $200 Million According To One Estimate.

1. Treasure Of Lima

Treasure Of Lima (Source:Google)

The Mystery That Has Confounded Explorers For Centuries Are The Estimated $1 Billion Worth Of Treasures Hidden Throughout The Island. 

In 1820, South American Colonies Were In Turmoil. The Spanish Colony Of Lima Was Not Spared From The Revolts And Unrest. The Viceroy Of Lima Decided To Transfer The Gold And Valuables Of Lima To Mexico Aboard The Ship Mary Dear For Safekeeping. 

However, While En Route To Mexico, The Crew Of Mary Dear, Commanded By William Thompson, Decided To Keep The Treasures For Themselves. They Proceeded To Kill The Spanish Guards And Priests Accompanying Treasure And Allegedly Buried The Treasure On Cocos Island Off The Coast Of Costa Rica. 

Thompson And His First Mate James Alexander Forbes Were Later Captured And Brought To Cocos Island To Recover The Treasure For The Crown. Instead Of Finding The Treasure, Thompson, And Forbes Escaped. Thompson, Forbes, And Treasure Were Never Seen Again. 

The Treasure Of Lima Is A Buried Treasure Reputedly Removed From Lima, Peru, In 1820 And Never Recovered. It Is Estimated To Be Worth Up To $208 Million In Today’s Money. 

There Is Arguably More Lost Treasure That Could Have Made This List. Which One Would You Add?

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