Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

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No Doubt Everything Made By God Is Beautiful. And Flowers Are Best Example For This Line. Whenever We Heard Word Beautiful First Thing Comes In Our Mind Is ‘Flower’ One Of The Most Insane Thing Made By God. Today We Will See The Most Beautiful Flowers In The World With Pictures. Do You Know About Which Is Ugliest Flower In The World Or You Want To Know About Top Unique Flowers In The World.

Their Are Lots Of Beautiful Flowers In The World It’s Tough To Decide Which Is More Beautiful. But After Looking Closely You Will Come To Know That Some Flowers Have Some Unique Features So That Are In The List Of Most Beautiful Flowers In The World.

10. Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom Flower (Source: Google)

This Beautiful Flower Cherry Blossom IS Japan’s National Flower. But It Is Popular In All Over The World. Cherry Blossom Tree Is Known As ‘Sakura’ In Japan Country. Do You Know Why This Flower Is Much Special ? I Know You Don’t Know There Is Nothing Unique In This Flower But It Is Famous Because Of It’s Unique Blossoms.

This Flower Have A Great Significance In Japanese Culture This Cherry Blossoms Represents A New Beginning And The Beauty To Life.

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9. Bird Of Paradise

Bird Of Paradise Flower (Source: Google)

Bird Of Paradise Is One Of The Most Beautiful And Unique Flower In The World. It’s Not Much Confusing Thing Because The Name Of The Flower Is Based On It’s Design Because This Flower Actually Looks Like A Flying Bird. Bird Of Paradise Also Called As ‘Crave Flower‘.

This Flower Bloom From May Through September If It’s Mature. And When It Bloom It Looks Like A Flying Bird Because When It Bloom Each Of Them Have 3 Upright Orange Colored Sepals And 3 Horizontal Blue Inner Sepals And It Looks So Much Beautiful.

8. Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart Flower (Source: Google)

This Name Perfectly Suits This Flower Because Design Of This Flower Is Same As Like Bleeding Heart. Heart Shape Represents Love And Care. This Heart Can Catch Everyone’s Attention Because Of It’s Bleeding Heart Shape. This Flower Bloom In Spring And When It Bloom 20 Heart Shaped Flower Open On Each Arching Stem.

This Flower Can Be Found In Multiple Colors Like Red, Pink, Yellow And White Etc. Best Thing About This Flower Is When A Small Water Drop Appears At The Top Of The Flower Than This Flower Truly Looks Like Bleeding Heart As Per It’s Name.

7. Dahlia

Dahlia Flower (Source: Google)

Dahlia Is 7th Most Beautiful Flower In The World. Dahlia Is People’s All Time Favorite Flower Because Of Lot’s Of Different Colors And And It’s Beautiful Size. This Flower Have 42 Different Species In The World. This Flower Have Much More Different Colors And Comes In Different Size Like Small, Big And Medium Size.

This Flower Have Size Of 2 Inches To 20 Inches In Diameter. This Flower Can Be Found In All Colors Expect Blue Color. Dahlia Flower Native To Mexico But Now It’s Cultivated Wildly.

6. Gazania

Gazania Flower (Source: Google)

Gazania Grows Well In Full Sunshine Locations. Where They Gets Full Sunshine Whole Day. It Is One Of The Most Beautiful Daisy Looks Flower. Flower Native To South Africa And Also Known As ‘Treasure Flower’. Gazania Flower Starts Appearing In The Mid-summer And Continue Through Early Fall.

This Flower Opens In Vivid Color Shades Like Orange, Red, Pink, Yellow And White. Gazania Is Sun Love Flower Therefore It Closes In Evening And Re-open In The Morning Also If There Is Low Temperature In A Day Than This Flower Will Closes.

5. Water Lilies

Water Lily (Source: Google)

Water Lily Flower Grows In Water. Water Lilies Are One Of The Best Water Aquatic Flowers In The World. What Makes Water Lily Different From Other Water Growing Flowers Is This Flower Grows In Still Fresh And Clean Water Only It Means Water Lilies Grow In Ecosystems Like Ponds Only. And Water Lilies Have More Than 70 Different Species And Comes In Many Different Colors.

Water Lilies Have Large Leaves Which Flows Above The Flower Surface. Also Water Lilies Have Long Stem. Water Lilies Opens From Spring To Fall.

4. Tulips

Tulips Flower (Source: Google)

Tulips Looks Like Rose But It Is Very Different From Rose. Tulips Have More Than 3000 Varieties And 150 Different Species. And This Large Amount Of Different Varieties Makes Tulips One Of The Most Beautiful Flower In The World Itself.

Tulips Have Cup Shape And It Opens In Spring. Also You Can Get Tulips In All Colour Shades Expect Blue. Normally Each Stem Of Tulips Have Only One Flower Only Some Species Have More Than One Flower In One Stem.

But There Is Dark Side Tulips Have Very Short Lifecycle It Only Opens For 5 To 7 Days.

3. Orchid

Orchid Flower (Source: Google)

One Of The Largest Flower Plant In The World. Why It Is Largest Flowering Plant Do You Know ? Because Of It’s Highest Amount Of Species. Orchid Have More Than 25000 Known Species Unknown Are More Than That I Think. Orchid Flower Comes In Different Varieties Like Small, Medium, Large, Short Living, Long Living Etc. Highlighting Features Of Orchid Is It Comes With It’s Own Unique Vibrant Colors And Statutes.

2. Lotus

Lotus Flower (Source: Google)

Everyone Loves Lotus Because This Beautiful Flower Grow In Murky Pond Or Bad Water. It Is Just WOW! What A Creativity Of All Mighty God. This Flower Mainly Found In 2 Colors Pink And White But It Looks Awesome In Both Colors. Lotus Is Aquatic Flower But It Grows In Shallow Or Murky Water Only. Lotus Can Grow Up to 60 CM And It’s Normal Size Is Around 20 CM.

Lotuses Also Known For Their Best Fragrance.

1. Rose

Rose Flower (Source: Google)

Here Is Everyone’s Favorite Flower. Rose Is A Sign Of Love And Peace. Humans Are Cultivating This Flower Since 500 B.C. Roses Can Be Found In Lot’s Of Different Shades Of Colors Like Pink, Red, Yellow, Orange And White. White Is My Favorite One. Also The Fact Is Pure Blue And Black Roses Doesn’t Exist. Roses Are So Attractive In Both Beauty And Fragrance.

People Used To Use Rose To Propose Their Love.  


Which Is Most Beautiful Flower In The World ?

Rose Is Most Beautiful Flower In The World.

Which Is Most Attractive Flower In The World ?

Rose Is Most Attractive Flower In The World Because Of It’s Beauty And Attraction.

Which Is The Rarest Flower In The World ?

The Middlemist Red (Source: Google)

The Middlemist Red Is Rarest Flower In The World. Currently There Are Only 2 Known Examples Of This Flowers In Entire World.

Which Is Ugliest Flower In The World ?

Overblown Flower – Ugliest Flower In The World (Source: Google)

Overblown Is Known As Ugliest Flower In The World.


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