Top 10 Most Popular Best PC Games Of All Time

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If You Love Playing Games Then You Must Know About Some Of The Most Popular PC And Mobile Games If You Don’t Know Then Here In This Article We Are Going To Talk About Top 10 Best Pc Games Of The Decade.

So First If You Want To Know About Top 10 Most Played Mobile Games Then Here Is The Article On Most Played Mobile Games.

Top 10 Most Played Mobile Games In The World

And Also In This Article We Will Talk About Top 10 Most Popular Best PC Games Of All Time & Also We Will Talk About Top 10 Most Played Games Of All Time.

So Here Is The List Of Top 10 Best PC Games Of 2020

10. Grand Theft Auto : Vice City

Grand Theft Auto : Vice City Game Logo (Source:Google)

Here Is The First Best Most Popular And Most Played Game Of 21st Century. It Is On 10th Position In Our Most Popular PC Games List. Vice City Is One OF The Best Action-Adventure Game. The Player Controls Criminal Tommy Vercetti And Completes Missions—linear Scenarios With Set Objectives—to Progress Through The Story. Most Of Vice City Seems To Want Tommy Dead. His Only Answer Is To Fight Back And Take Over The City Himself. Vice City Offers Vehicular Pleasures To Suit Every Taste. 

9. Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 Game Logo (Source:Google)

The Mass Effect Trilogy Is A Science Fiction Adventure Set In A Vast Universe Filled With Dangerous Alien Life Forms And Mysterious Uncharted Planets. In This Dark Second Chapter, Saren’s Evil Army Of Geth Soldiers Has Just Been Defeated, And Humans, Who Are Still Struggling To Make Their Mark On The Galactic Stage, Are Now Faced With An Even Greater Peril. 

8. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Game Logo (Source:Google)

The Next Chapter In The Elder Scrolls Saga Arrives From The Bethesda Game Studios. Skyrim Reimagines The Open-world Fantasy Epic, Bringing To Life A Complete Virtual World Open For You To Explore Any Way You Choose. Play Any Type Of Character You Can Imagine, And Do Whatever You Want; The Legendary Freedom Of Choice, Storytelling, And Adventure Of The Elder Scrolls Is Realized Like Never Before. Battle Ancient Dragons Like You’ve Never Seen. As Dragonborn, Learn Their Secrets And Harness Their Power For Yourself. 

7. Portal 2

Portal 2 Game Logo (Source:Google)

Portal 2 is A First-person Perspective Puzzle Game. The Player Takes The Role Of Chell In The Single-player Campaign, As One Of Two Robots—atlas And P-body—in The Cooperative Campaign, Or As A Simplistic Humanoid Icon In Community-developed Puzzles. These Three Characters Can Explore And Interact With The Environment. Valve Is Working On A Full-length Sequel To Its Award-winning, Mind-bending Puzzle Action Game For The Xbox 360 And PC.

6. Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows Of Amn

Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows Of Amn Game Logo (Source:Google)

An Epic Continuation Of The Story That Began In “Baldur’s Gate,” This Rpg Is Set Along The Southern Portion Of The Sword Coast, A Detailed And Rich Area Of The Forgotten Realms Called Amn. It Features 300 Spells And 130-plus Monster Types Compared To Only 130 Spells And 60 Monster Types In Baldur’s Gate. 

5. BioShock

BioShock Game Logo (Source:Google)

In This Game After Your Plane Crashes Into Icy Uncharted Waters, You Discover A Rusted Bathysphere And Descend Into Rapture, A City Hidden Beneath The Sea. Constructed As An Idealistic Society For A Hand Picked Group Of Scientists, Artists And Industrialists, The Idealism Is No More. Make Meaningful Choices And Mature Decisions, Ultimately Culminating In The Grand Question: Do You Exploit The Innocent Survivors Of Rapture…Or Save Them? 

4. Half-Life

Half Life Game Logo (Source:Google)

Half-life Combines Great Storytelling In The Tradition Of Stephen King With Intense Action And Advanced Technology To Create A Frighteningly Realistic World Where Players Need To Think Smart To Survive. Half-life Has Won More Than 50 Game Of The Year Awards From Publications Around The World, And Was Named ‘Best Pc Game Ever’ In Pc Gamer’s November 1999 Issue. 

3. The Orange Box

The Orange Box Game Hub Logo (Source:Google)

The Orange Box is A Video Game Compilation Containing Five Games Developed By Valve. Three New Games Were Also Included In The Compilation: The Second Stand-alone Expansion, Half-life 2: Episode Two, The Puzzle Game Portal, And Team Fortress 2, The Multiplayer Game Sequel To Team Fortress Classic. 

2. Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V Game Logo (Source:Google)

One Of The Best Game Of GTA Series. Three Very Unique Criminals Plot Their Own Chances Of Survival And Success: Franklin, A Street Hustler Looking For Tangible Opportunities And Serious Money; Michael, A Professional Ex-con Whose Retirement Is Less Rosy Than He Figured It Would Be; And Trevor, A Violent Dude Driven By The Opportunity For A Cheap High And His Next Big Score. With Options At A Premium, The Crew Risks It All In A Myriad Of Daring And Dangerous Heists That Could Set Them Up For Life. 

1. Half-Life 2

Half Life 2 Game Logo (Source:Google)

Metacritic’s 2004 PC Game Of The Year

By Taking The Suspense, Challenge And Visceral Charge Of The Original, And Adding Startling New Realism And Responsiveness, Half-life 2 Opens The Door To A World Where The Player’s Presence Affects Everything Around Him, From The Physical Environment To The Behaviors — Even The Emotions — Of Both Friends And Enemies. The Player Again Picks Up The Crowbar Of Research Scientist Gordon Freeman, Who Finds Himself On An Alien-infested Earth Being Picked To The Bone, Its Resources Depleted, Its Populace Dwindling. 

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