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Everyone Love Chocolates And I Think You Also Love Chocolate Bars A lot But Do You Know About Most Popular Chocolate Bar ? If You Know Then It’s OK But If You Don’t Know Then Here We Are Going To Talk About Top 10 Chocolate Bars In The World.

So We Will Discuss About Some Of The Best Popular Chocolate Bars & Top Selling Chocolate Bars.

So Let’s Get Started With Our Today’s Topic Top 10 Best Chocolate Bars In The World…popular chocolate bars

10. Dove Chocolate Bar

Dove Chocolate Bar (Source:Google)

The Dove Chocolate Bar Is A Range Of Candy Bars Under The Name Dove. The Dove Candy Bar First Started Off As An Ice-cream Bar Called Dove bar, And Over Time Evolved Into A Range Of Chocolate Bar Products. Dove Now Comes As An Ice-cream Bar, Milk Chocolate Bar, Dark Chocolate Bar, And Many More Forms As Well.

This Product First Was Created In Chicago And Has Grown To Be A Product Sold In Many Different Countries All Over The World. The Dove Chocolate Bar Is Also Called The Galaxy Bar In Many Other Countries, With The Brand Name “Dove” Being More Popular In The U.S, Where The Candy Was First Created. 

9. Mounds Chocolate Bar

Mounds Chocolate Bar (Source:Google)

Mounds Is A Candy Bar Made By The Hershey Company, Consisting Of Shredded, Sweetened Coconut Coated In Dark Chocolate. The Company Also Produces Almond Joy Bars, In Which The Coconut Is Topped By Whole Almonds And The Coating Is Milk Chocolate. Mounds Uses A Packaging And Logo Design Similar To Its Sister Product.

With Almond Joy’s Blue Replaced By Red, And The Two Candies Are Often Advertised Together. The Candy’s 1970s Ad Campaign Used A Jingle, “Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut / Sometimes You Don’t / Almond Joy’s Got Nuts / Mounds Don’t”, Written By Leon Carr. 

8. Almond Joy

Almond Joy Chocolate Bar (Source:Google)

Almond Joy Is One OF The Most Delicious Candy Bar. It Is Manufactured By Hershey’s, Consisting Of Whole Almonds And Sweetened, Shredded Coconut Covered In Milk Chocolate. The Company Also Produces Mounds, A Similar Confection That Omits The Almonds And Is Coated In Dark Chocolate.

The Two Bars Have The Same Packaging And Logo Design, But Almond Joy Has A Blue Color Scheme While Mounds Uses Red. In The 2000s, Hershey Began Producing Variations Of The Product, Including A Limited-edition Piña Colada And Double Chocolate Almond Joy In 2004, A Limited-edition White Chocolate Key Lime And Milk Chocolate Passion Fruit Almond Joy In 2005, And A Limited-edition Toasted Coconut Almond Joy In 2006. 

7. Hershey’s Dark

Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Bar (Source:Google)

Hershey’s Special Dark Is A Chocolate Bar Manufactured By The Hershey Company. Almond Joy Is Also Manufactured By This Company. Special Dark Is Similar To A Standard Hershey Bar, But Is Made With A Dark (Or Semi-sweet) Variety Of Chocolate, And Contains A Higher Percentage (45%) Of Cocoa Solids, Chocolate Liquor And Cocoa Butter Than Milk Chocolate.The Special Dark Bar Replaced The Similar, If Not Identical, Hershey’s Semi-sweet Bar In The Company’s Product Lineup In The Early 1970s.  

Hershey’s Special Dark Is Available In A Variety Of Sizes. There Are Also Special Dark Versions Of Hershey’s Kisses, Chocolate Syrup, Chocolate Chips, Baking Chocolate, Cocoa, And Hershey’s Nuggets. 

6. Milky Way

Milky Way Chocolate Bar (Source:Google)

Milky Way Is A Brand Of Chocolate-covered Confectionery Bar Manufactured And Marketed By The Mars Confectionery Company. There Are Two Variants: The Global Milky Way Bar, Which Is Sold As 3 Musketeers In The Us And Canada; And The Us Milky Way Bar, Which Is Sold As The Mars Bar Worldwide. Created In 1923 And Designed To Capture The Taste Of Malted Milk Shake.

Milky Way Was Named After A Famed Malted Milk Drink Of The Day, Not The Milky Way Galaxy. Milky Way Bars Are Made Of Chocolate Malt Flavored Nougat And Caramel Covered With Milk Chocolate. 

5. Kitkat

Kit kat Chocolate Bar (Source:Google)

Kitkat Is Couple’s Favorite Chocolate. Nearly Everyone In The United States Knows The Catchy Kit Kat Jingle Since We’ve Watched Its Many Reincarnations Over The Years On Tv Commercials. But Lately, There’s Been An Uptick In Interest In These Bars Because Of The New Flavors.

And While Other Markets Might Have Matcha Kit Kats—like Japan—the Us Only Had The Chocolate Wafer Version For A Long Time. Then Came White Chocolate, Strawberry, And Cookies And Cream Versions. And Speaking As Someone Who Lives (And Eats Chocolate Bars) In The Us, I’ll Pass On Japan’s Banana And Baked Potato Kit Kat In Favor Of Our Strictly Chocolate Ones. 

4. Twix

Twix Chocolate Bar (Source:Google)

Twix Is A Chocolate Bar Made By Mars, Inc., Consisting Of A Biscuit Applied With Other Confectionery Toppings And Coatings (Most Frequently Caramel And Milk Chocolate). Twix Are Packaged With Two Or Four Bars In A Wrapper, The New Slogan For Twix Is “Try Both. Pick A Side.” Miniature And Other Variations Of Twix Bars Are Also Available.

3. Snickers

Snickers Chocolate Bar (Source:Google)

Good Old Snickers—one Of The Most Beloved Chocolate Bars Of All Time In The Us. It Probably Started With Their Commercials—betty White Posing As An Overly-hungry Football Player, For Example. But It Ended With Nearly Everyone In The Country Craving A Bit Of The Chocolatey, Peanutty, Caramely, Nougaty, Goodness That Is A Snickers. They Got The Balance Just Right, Knocking Paydays, Baby Ruths, And Many Others Out Of The Running—and Their Current Tagline—snickers Satisfies—hits The Nail On The Head. In 1930, Mars Introduced Snickers, Named After The Favorite Horse Of The Mars Family.

The Snickers Chocolate Bar Consists Of Nougat, Peanuts, And Caramel With A Chocolate Coating. The Bar Was Marketed Under The Name “Marathon” In The Uk And Ireland Until 1990, When Mars Decided To Align The Uk Product With The Global Snickers Name (Mars Had Marketed And Discontinued An Unrelated Bar Named Marathon In The United States During The 1970s Which Was Similar To The Uk’s Curly Wurly).

2. Hershey’s Classic

Hershey’s Classic Chocolate Bar (Source:Google)

Hershey’s Is A Mainstay For Chocolate In The Us, And There’s Something So Classic About Grabbing A Few Bars To Melt Alongside Your Graham Crackers And Marshmallows For An Old-fashioned S’more. But It’s More Than Just Fireside Confections That People Love The Traditional Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bars For. The Chocolate Is Super Sweet And Has A Flavor That You Don’t Find In Knockoff Candy Bars Like The Ones At Discount Stores Or Sometimes Right Next To These Bars On Grocery Store Shelves. 

1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (Source:Google)

#1 Most Delicious Chocolate Bar In The World

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Are An American Candy Consisting Of A Chocolate Cup Filled With Peanut Butter, Marketed By The Hershey Company. They Were Created On November 15, 1928, By H. B. Reese, A Former Dairy Farmer And Shipping Foreman For Milton S. Hershey. Reese Left His Job With Hershey To Start His Own Candy Business. Reese’s Generates More Than $2 Billion In Annual Sales For The Hershey Company, And Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Are Number One On The List Of Top-selling Candy Brands. 

Extra Fact :-

Most Of The Popular Delicious Chocolates Are Created By The Hershey Company.

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