Top 10 Most Dangerous Serial Killers Of All Time

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These Ten Men And Women Have Terrorized People For Many Lifetimes. They Go Above And Beyond What Humanity Knows To Be Pure Evil. They Redefine Deranged And They Strike Fear Into The Bravest Of People. 

These Are The Ten Dangerous Serial Killers Of All Time. 

10. Richard Ramirez

Richard Ramirez (Source:Google)

Richard Ramirez Was An American Serial Killer, Serial Rapist, And Burglar. His Highly Publicized Home Invasion Crime Spree Terrorized The Residents Of The Greater Los Angeles Area And Later The Residents Of The San Francisco Area From June 1984 Until August 1985. Nicknamed “Night Stalker,” Ramirez Would Break Into Homes And Brutally Murder His Victims, Sometimes Raping Them First. His Victims Ranged From Early 20s To A 79-year Old Woman. 

He Used A Wide Variety Of Weapons, Including Handguns, Knives, A Machete, A Tire Iron, And A Hammer. Ramirez, Who Claimed To Be A Satanist, Never Expressed Any Remorse For His Crimes. He Was Sentenced To Death But Died Of Lymphoma Before He Could Be Executed. 

Movie Based On Richard Ramirez :-

The Night Stalker (2016)

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9. Gilles De Rais 

Gilles De Rais (Source:Google)

Gilles De Rais Was A Wealthy Knight And Lord, A Leader In The French Army, And A Companion-in-arms To Joan Of Arc. He Was Also A Totally Deranged Serial Killer. Between 1432 And 1433, Gilles Reportedly Sodomized And Then Murdered (Or Ordered The Murder) Of At Least 40 Children. He Outfitted Them In Fancy Clothing, Provided Them With A Large Meal And Lots Of Wine. Finally He Confronted Each Boy With The “True Nature Of His Situation.” He Was Condemned To Death And Hanged At Nantes On 26 October 1440. 

Movie Based On Gilles De Rais :- 

Monstrum (2014)

8. Pedro Lopez

Pedro Lopez (Source:Google)

Lopez Was Born On October 8, 1948, In Tolima, Colombia. He Was The Seventh Of 13 Children Born To A Colombian Prostitute. Pedro Alonzo Lopez Was Responsible For The Murders Of Over 350 Children. López Was Released In 1998 For “Good Behavior,” And While There Are Plenty Of Rumors, No One Can Confirm Exactly Where He Is Today. 

7. Joachim Kroll

Joachim Kroll (Source:Google)

Joachim Georg Kroll Was A German Serial Killer And Cannibal. He Was Known As The Ruhr Cannibal  And The Duisburg Man-eater. He Was Convicted Of Eight Murders But Confessed To A Total Of 13. He Began Killing In 1955, After His Mother Died. Around 1960, Kroll Went To Duisburg And Found Work As A Toilet Attendant For Mannesmann. Afterwards He Worked For Thyssen Industries And Went To 24 Friesen Street, Laar, A District Of Duisburg. At That Time He Resumed Killing People. He Died Of A Heart Attack In 1991 In The Prison Of Rheinbach, Near Bonn. 

6. Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper (Source:Google)

Jack The Ripper Was An Unidentified Serial Killer Active In The Largely Impoverished Areas In And Around The Whitechapel District Of London In 1888. A Police Investigation Into A Series Of Eleven Brutal Murders Committed In Whitechapel And Spitalfields Between 1888 And 1891 Was Unable To Connect All The Killings Conclusively To The Murders Of 1888. In Both The Criminal Case Files And Contemporary Journalistic Accounts, The Killer Was Called The Whitechapel Murderer And Leather Apron. Sometimes, He Would Even Remove The Woman’s Uterus And Take It As A Sort Of Prize. It’s Unlikely Jack The Ripper’s True Identity Will Ever Be Figured Out, But “Ripperology” — The Study And Analysis Of The Murders — Has Certainly Inspired Quite A Few “What If” Novels And Films. 

Movie Based On Jack the Ripper :-

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From Hell (2001)

5. John Wayne Gacy

John Wayne Gacy (Source:Google)

John Wayne Gacy, Often Called The “Killer Clown,” Was One Of The Worst Serial Killers In U.S. History, Raping And Murdering At Least 33 Young Male Victims. Sometimes Known As The “Killer Clown” For His Habit Of Dressing In A Clown Costume And Makeup, Gacy Had An Abusive Childhood And Struggled With His Homosexuality. After Being Convicted Of Sexual Assault In 1968, Gacy’s Murders Were Discovered. Gacy Was Executed In May 1994. 

Movie Based On John Wayne Gacy : 

Gacy (2003) 

4. Albert Fish

Albert Fish (Source:Google)

Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish Was An American Serial Killer, Child Rapist, And Cannibal. He Was Also Known As The Gray Man, The Werewolf Of Wysteria, The Brooklyn Vampire, The Moon Maniac, And The Boogey Man. Fish Was A Suspect In At Least Five Murders During His Lifetime. He Confessed To Three Murders That Police Were Able To Trace To A Known Homicide, And He Confessed To Stabbing At Least Two Other People. Fish Was Apprehended On December 13, 1934 And Put On Trial For The Kidnapping And Murder Of Grace Budd. He Was Convicted And Executed By Electric Chair On January 16, 1936, At The Age Of 65. 

Movie Based On Albert Fish :-  

The Gray Man (2007) 

3. Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer (Source:Google)

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer, Also Known As The Milwaukee Cannibal Or The Milwaukee Monster, Was An American Serial Killer And Sex Offender Who Committed The Murder And Dismemberment Of 17 Men And Boys From 1978 To 1991. Although Dahmer Certainly Would Have Been Executed For His Deranged Crimes, He Was Beaten To Death In Prison In 1994. 

Movie Based On Jeffrey Dahmer : 

My Friend Dahmer (2017) 

2. Andrei Chikatilo

Andrei Chikatilo (Source:Google)

Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo Was A Soviet Serial Killer, Nicknamed The Butcher Of Rostov, The Red Ripper, And The Rostov Ripper, Who Sexually Assaulted, Murdered, And Mutilated At Least Fifty-two Women And Children Between 1978 And 1990. Though He Confessed To A Total Of 56 Brutal Murders, He Was Tried For 53, Sentenced To Death, And Executed By Firing Squad In 1994. 

Movie Based On Andrei Chikatilo :-  

Child 44 (2015)

1. Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy (Source:Google)

Theodore Robert Bundy Was An American Serial Killer Who Kidnapped, Raped, And Murdered Numerous Young Women And Girls During The 1970s And Possibly Earlier. After More Than A Decade Of Denials, Before His Execution In 1989 He Confessed To 30 Homicides That He Committed In Seven States Between 1974 And 1978. Before He Was Executed In 1989, Bundy Admitted To Kidnapping And Murdering 30 Women, Though This Number Is Almost Certainly Much Higher. 

Movie Based On Ted Bundy :–  

Ted Bundy (2002)

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